Evaporators & ZLD Projects

Equip Chemotech Consultants has built up claim inhouse producing office spread more than 10000 square feet, so the Evaporators are made keeping in accordance with the best Engineering Standards.

We have additionally executed different Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) ventures involving Reverse Osmosis and Evaporator, for the total reuse and reuse of the Treated waste water in Utilities.

Equip Chemotech Consultants has structured Evaporators for treating dangerous and extreme wastewater from Agrochemical, Intermediates fabricating and so on and furthermore for the Reverse Osmosis Reject.

For your venture Equip Chemotech Consultants can offer
  • Turnkey Execution Solution (Design Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning)
  • Essential and Detailed Engineering
  • Undertaking Management and Consultancy (PMC)

Slip Mounted STP/ETP/WTP

Equip Chemotech Consultants has created slip mounted treatment plants for littler establishments.These plants are totally produced In-house workshop. These plants are minimal and there is no manufacture chip away at the client site and the units are amassed inside multi day at the client put. These bundled plants come extremely temperate and are introduced at different offices, particularly for Sewage Treatment Plant Projects where there is lack of room.